Evidence That Demands A Verdict DVD Study Guide


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In this new six-session video study, based on the updated book, Josh and his son, Sean, help you discover how you can be sure the Bible is historically reliable and accurate. You’ll also examine why the claims Jesus made about himself are true, how he fulfilled Old Testament prophecies, and how we can know the resurrection took place.

Christianity does not require a blind faith, but an intelligent faith. To this end, this study has been specifically created to help believers know what they believe, why it is true, and how they can communicate biblical truth to a skeptical world.

Each video session features a fifteen- to twenty-minute discussion between Josh and Sean as they tackle some of the biggest challenges to Christianity.

  • Session One: “Why Is Evidence Important for Faith?”
  • Session Two:  “Is There Such a Thing as Truth?”
  • Session Three:  “Is the New Testament Reliable?”
  • Session Four:  “Did Jesus Actually Rise from the Dead?”
  • Session Five:  “Did Jesus Claim to Be God?”
  • Session Six:  “How Do We Know the Bible is Accurate?”

The Evidence That Demands a Verdict Study Guide is a necessary part of this study and provides video notes and discussion questions for groups and individuals and between-session exercises for personal application.

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