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New Release!

How to Know God Exists


NEW! Now Available

Evidence for Jesus: Timeless Answers for Tough Questions About Christ


Evidence “All in One” Pack (DVD, Study Guide, autographed book!)


Evidence That Demands a Verdict (Autographed!)


New Release!

Free to Thrive All in One Pack


New Release!

Free to Thrive Study Guide


New Release!

Free to Thrive Video Study & Guide Pack


New Release!

Free To Thrive Video Study: How Your Hurt, Struggles and Deepest Longings Can Lead to Fulfilling Life



SEPT 2023

Why Did God Do That?: Discovering God’s Goodness in the Hard Passages of Scripture


Free to Thrive


More Than A Carpenter 30-Pack


More Than a Carpenter 30-Pack Case (4-30 packs ) *Best Price!*


The Resurrection and You – Case Qty. (148 booklets) with FREE Evidence book


The Resurrection and You 10-Pack with FREE My Journey booklet


More Than a Carpenter


The Resurrection and You 30-Pack with FREE Resurrection book


The Resurrection and You


Evidence for the Resurrection


Did the Resurrection Happen, Really? (Josh Talk)