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Josh McDowell’s Grad Pack

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As your graduates leave the familiar “shelter” of home and church, they will encounter a diverse tapestry of beliefs, lifestyles, and values. To answer challenges to their faith, they will need informed conviction of what they believe and why they believe it.

With the Josh McDowell Grad Pack  your graduates will be prepared with unshakeable answers to critical questions about their faith. They will gain:

  • Historical Evidence: A treasure trove of evidence validating the reliability of the Bible, the deity of Christ and existence of God.
  • Intellectual Armor: Thoughtful responses to common challenges, ensuring their faith remains steadfast.

Empower your graduate with the unwavering assurance their faith stands on solid ground! Pack includes:

77 FAQS About God & the Bible provides concise and insightful answers to tough questions about God and His Word that your students will turn to for help in everyday life.

Evidence for Jesus offers quick insights about Christ to refute skeptics, encourage curious seekers, and alleviate nagging doubts in the minds of brand new or lifelong Christians.

How to Know God Exists presents often-unexplored but formidable evidence for the existence of God based on sheer reason, observable reality, solid science, and common sense.

77 Sample Evidence Sample Exists Sample

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