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Why Did God Do That?: Discovering God’s Goodness in the Hard Passages of Scripture

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If God is good, then why did he do that?           Sample Pages

Christianity proclaims God’s goodness, yet the Bible is filled with passages that seem to paint a different picture. On the surface, such depictions can hinder our confidence in God’s goodness. But when we’re willing to look deeper, we discover a consistent purpose behind everything God does—and that He is greater than we could ever imagine.

“Violence in the Old Testament. Misogyny. Hell. These are topics many Christians would shy away from or try to dismiss with a quick answer. Instead, Tingblad and McDowell acknowledge the real challenge these topics pose—and yet boldly proclaim that Christianity has the resources to demonstrate God’s goodness. This is a nuanced, well-balanced, and exceedingly strong case for our good God.”
New York Times best-selling author Lee Strobel of the Lee Strobel Center for Evangelism and Applied Apologetics at Colorado Christian University

Alongside bestselling author Josh McDowell, Matthew Tingblad invites you to discover how a good God has good reasons for his challenging actions in the Bible. Throughout, you will uncover the reality of God’s consistent motives and purposes: holiness, justice, and radical mercy.

Whether you have your own questions about God or are ministering to those who do, Matthew and Josh will guide you through these difficult passages and ideas, all the while pointing to God’s power and redeeming love. Find confidence and joy in discovering that God is good—always good—even in the passages of Scripture that appear to convey otherwise.

Sample Pages  Why the Book [Video]

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