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Is there archeological proof that Jesus existed? Did Jesus ever actually claim to be God? Is Jesus really the only way?

To help answer questions about Jesus quickly and confidently, Josh and Sean McDowell have adapted and updated the wisdom from their apologetics classic Evidence That Demands a Verdict into a new concise and accessible resource.

Evidence for Jesus provides answers to tough questions about the life, ministry, and divinity of Jesus. Written in a handy and readable format, it offers quick insights about Christ to refute skeptics, encourage curious seekers, and alleviate nagging doubts in the minds of brand new or lifelong Christians.

Evidence for Jesus features new content not originally found in Evidence That Demands a Verdict, specifically the chapter, “Does Archeology Confirm the Existence of Jesus?” You will find answers to this question and more:

  • Is there evidence that Jesus was real?
  • Did Jesus ever actually claim to be God?
  • What makes Jesus unique from other religious figures?
  • What does the Old Testament teach about the coming Messiah?
  • Did Jesus really rise from the dead?

With Evidence for Jesus you will be armed with time-tested rebuttals to support your faith in Jesus against even the harshest critics. It’s a handy, giftable way of benefitting from the great content in the more in-depth Evidence That Demands a Verdict about the person and work of Jesus.

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