Inspirada por Dios (God-Breathed)

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JOSH McDOWELL utiliza documentos bíblicos antiguos y otros hallazgos arqueológicos para explicar el inigualable carácter histórico de la Biblia.

Además de enseñar cómo es escribieron y por qué son fiables este libro muestra qué es lo que hace que las Escrituras sean un texto en el que se puede depositar confianza absoluta. Sin embargo no se limita a destacar la fiabilidad histórica de la Biblia, sino que también es de capital importancia el poder que puede tener aun hoy día para transformar cada aspecto de nuestras vidas por la Palabra Inspirada por Dios.

The Bible is no ordinary book. For within its pages are the answers to meet each one of your needs and provide direction for your life. Authored by God Himself, the Scriptures reveal the true heart of a God who knows and loves you and who desires for you to know Him intimately too.

Josh McDowell provides clear evidence that God’s Word is living, relevant, reliable, and historically trustworthy. Sharing his own personal story as a skeptic-turned-believer to his recently acquired, never-seen-before ancient scriptural artifacts, Josh reveals the irrefutable truth: Scripture is historically reliable, and it is undeniably the most powerful document of all time.Recapture the awe, the mystery, the passion, and the power of Scripture in God-Breathed!

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