Set Free to Choose Right: Equipping Today’s Kids to Make Right Moral Choices for Life


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“With a biblical, God centered moral compass, our kids and grandkids can make right moral choices every time.”  —Josh McDowell

As parents, youth leaders or educators, we all hope our kids will make right moral choices.

We try to provide wise counsel and teach them what is morally right and wrong. The reality is most teenagers are influenced by our culture’s message that right and wrong are determined by the individual, not by any absolute standard. So, when confronted with issues such as internet pornography, they struggle to know what makes those things wrong.

Set Free to Choose Right provides a simple but profound four-step process that will help guide your children to make right decisions for the moral choices they make every day. It will help you come to understand:

  • why today’s kids feel they have the right to determine what is “right” or “wrong” for themselves
  • how culture reinforces that there are no universal truths and. . .
  • where this misconception historically originated
  • how to motivate kids to make good choices
  • it is God’s character and nature that makes right, right and wrong, wrong

Whether dealing with sexuality and pornography or honesty and self-control, you’ll equip your children with a biblical foundation to know why right is right and wrong is wrong, enabling them to make the right choice every time!

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