The Unshakable Truth Softcover


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Know Why You Believe, Pass on What You’ve Experienced

Drawing upon a lifetime of ministry, Josh along with his son, Sean, bring you this watershed book to address why an entire generation of young Christians is confused about what they believe, why they believe it and how its relevant. The Unshakable Truth takes a unique approach to classic apologetics by presenting them relationally —  focusing on how Christianity’s doctrines affect relationships.

Unpacking twelve key truths that define the core of Christian belief, the McDowells help you discover:

  • What the Bible says about God, His Word, sin, Christ and other areas that from the foundation of our faith
  • Compelling evidences to support these truths
  • How each truth provides relevant answers to the world’s most difficult problems
  • Practical ways to live out these truths in relationship with God and others
  • How to pass each truth on to your family and others around you

A spiritual gold mine for parents, youth workers, pastors—anyone wanting to reveal Christianity’s relevance to today’s life and culture.

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