Building Relationships That Transform Families MP3-CD

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“You can be the greatest parent in the world, but there’s no guarantee your child won’t walk away from you. What usually brings a child back is not all the truth you’ve taught, but what kind of relationship you have built with them.”Josh McDowell

This MP3-CD features four encouraging talks from Josh, Dottie, and Sean McDowell focusing on the need to develop authentic relationships with your children. Rules without relationships lead to rebellion. Discover how relationships form the very foundation on which we establish rules and pass our faith.

Talk #1 — “Relationships That Transform” (Josh McDowell)
Talk #2 — “Touching the Heart of a Teenager” (Sean McDowell)
Talk #3 — “Delighting in Our Children” (Dottie McDowell)
Talk #4 — “The 7 As:  Seven Steps to Loving Family Relationships” (Josh McDowell)

Each message is approximately 45 minutes long.

Talk #1 sample     Talk #2 sample    Talk #3 sample    Talk #4 sample
This MP3-CD is specially designed for MP3-compatible devices, including most newer CD players, CD computer drives and in-dash automobile systems.

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