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Overcome your struggles. Fulfill your deepest longings. Your whole life awaits you.

Many people today are stuck in unhealthy behaviors, thoughts and relationship patterns. You may be living with unresolved hurts and constant shame, often struggling with how you see God. But God has so much more for you, and he wants you to experience healing and wholeness.

Your struggles aren’t random. They’re signals that, when answered, can lead you towards a thriving life.

“I cannot think of a more timely, important and healing message than the one in this book. If you are discouraged and sick at heart, Josh and Ben have provided a clear and trustworthy map to find the life that Christ wants for each one of us.”  —Sheila Walsh, Author of Holding on When You Want to Let Go

Free to Thrive provides a guide for that journey.  You will learn how to overcome sinful patterns, change unhealthy relational dynamics and defeat anxiety once and for all. You will also discover a restored view of God that will help you overcome shame and self-doubt.

Josh and Ben have both walked this journey in their own lives. They speak from a voice of experience and can relate to what you or someone you know may be going through. The journey to healing isn’t easy, but it is possible. Josh and Ben will guide your healing and provide real answers that can bring lasting freedom!


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