77 FAQS | ConGRADulations! 2019 Grad Gift 20-Pack


The Ultimate Graduation Gift!

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How can we know God exists? Why does God allow suffering? Isn’t the Bible full of errors and contradictions?

Our most popular resource is paired with the #1 graduation gift of the decade, ConGRADulations! 2019, to create the Ultimate Grad Gift!

Whether you’re a new believer in Christ or one who’s been “around the block,” odds are you’ve been confronted with difficult questions about your faith. Either your friends or family question what you believe or you have faced these tough questions yourself and haven’t discovered answers that make sense.

Today’s seekers have questions, and 77 FAQs delivers concise, trustworthy answers. Josh and Sean McDowell provide researched and insightful responses to difficult questions about God and His Word that you can use in everyday life.

BONUS! Every book order includes an invitation card offering free access to ConGRADulations! 2019, an online playlist of hot Christian artists, videos, graduate devotions, and more.

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