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This enlightening study guide companion to God-Breathed will help you discover that the Bible is no ordinary book. Authored by God Himself, the scriptures have the ability to breathe new life into you…they reveal the heart of a God who knows and loves you and who desires an intimate relationship with you. Perfect for small group or individual study, this guide will deepen your understanding of the power, relevance, and reliability of God’s Word.

 Each session contains an objective, accompanying scripture, discussion questions, action steps, and a prayer starter. It includes instructions for group leaders and covers:
Session 1: What Is the Real Purpose of the Bible?
Session 2: Who Is the True Author of the Bible?
Session 3: Is the Old Testament Historically Reliable?
Session 4: Is the New Testament Historically Reliable?
Session 5: How the Bible Can Come Alive in Your Life

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